Older screenshots of MX programs

These screenshots are from February 1999.


Mxgui is a generic program for using MX controlled devices.

This is the setup screen for creating a motor scan.

This is the motor scan while it is running.


The optimize GUI is used to maximize the flux on an X-ray beamline if the beamline is not too far away from the optimum to begin with. It is intended to make it easier for users to optimize the beamline on their own.

This is the initial starting screen for the optimize GUI.

This is just after an optimization scan has completed.

This is just after the scan maximum has been found.

At this point, the optimization procedure for omega is complete.


The IMCA 17ID GUI is currently being developed as a protein crystallography user interface to beamline controls on the APS sector 17 beamlines. This GUI is still under development and is not fully functional yet.

This is the starting window for the GUI.

This window will allow the user to perform scans and calculations needed to pick the best energies for MAD data collection. It will also support spectroscopy scans.

This window, when complete, will allow the user to select an element and an edge energy for a spectroscopy or MAD experiment.

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