[Mx-mailing-list] MX 1.4.1 is available

Bill Lavender lavender at agni.phys.iit.edu
Tue Jun 5 13:08:17 CDT 2007

MX version 1.4.1 is now available at the MX web site from the download page


This is a bugfix only release.  New features will be in MX 1.5 which
is still under development.  Please read the changelog below for more

**************** Changelog for MX version 1.4.1 ****************

Version 1.4.1 (06/04/07):
	Fixed a bug in the 'xia_network' driver which caused the driver to
	overwrite the last character of XIA parameter names with a null byte.

	Fixed a bug in the 'compumotor' driver that prevented the driver's
	'set_position' function from working.

	The Win32 MX malloc wrappers originally written for use with the
	Borland C++ compiler are now being used by the Visual C++ compiler
	as well.  These wrappers replace calls to the malloc() family of
	functions with calls to HeapAlloc(), HeapFree(), and HeapRealloc().
	This was done to make it more likely that DLLs and EXEs compiled
	with the -MTd (static debug library) switch will work properly.
	In general, a DLL linked to the LIBCMTD.LIB library will use a
	C runtime heap for malloc(), etc. that is different from the C
	runtime heap used by the EXE.  This can lead to crashes if memory
	allocated from one runtime heap is freed by the other runtime heap.
	The use of the MX malloc wrappers forces MX DLL code and MX EXEs to
	use the same heap and avoids the clashes.  We recommend that you
	use the -MD switch (dynamic library) which links to MSVCRT.DLL,
	since it appears that DLLs and EXEs compiled this way all use the
	same C runtime heap by default.

	The mx_is_valid_heap_pointer() now invokes HeapValidate() on Win32
	when _DEBUG is defined rather than _CrtIsValidHeapPointer().
	This was done for compatibility with the new malloc() wrappers
	mentioned in the previous paragraph.

	If the requested length of a buffer passed to the functions
	mx_allocate_network_buffer() and mx_reallocate_network_buffer() is
	behavior in this case was to return an MXE_WOULD_EXCEED_LIMIT error.

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