MX Meetings -- January 12, 2000

MX Crystallography Controls Meeting -- 10:00 a.m. to noon

In Attendance: John Quintana, James Fait, Bill Lavender, Andy Howard, John Chrzas, Cristopf Lazarski, Lisa Keefe, Gerd Rosenbaum.

GUI Detail Issues

User control over fluorescence window

Automation of saturation setup

Analysis and setup for multiple peaks due to multiple absorbing species

Automatic setup of shaping times for Amp-Tek, etc.

Independent exposure shutter control

A & B Hutch shutter control

Estimate of scan time remaining

Rewrite BENNY to reduce GUI peculiarities.

Include distant points in scan for interpolation of remote values.

Transmit f', f", edge, peak, etc. information to image headers

Staff control over ACL's

Larger Issues

Web based tools in addition to tcl-tk front end

Integration with detector system

Crystallographic Binary File or mmCIF compliance

STAR-compliant sample data file for transmission of information from fluorescence GUI to data acquisition:

absorbing_element = Se;

absorber_peak = {

fprime = -8.36;

fdoubleprime = 6.15

energy = 12659.2;

wavelength = 0.9793908;


absorber_low = {


Architecture: who drives who (control vs. data collection )

Security And Primacy:

--- should multiple workstations and applications have simultaneous control?

--- how to enforce restrictions

Could an optimization involve a script of commands rather than a single scan? Possibly a TCL script based optimize functionality.



MX Core Functionality Meeting -- 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

In Attendance: John Quintana, James Fait, Bill Lavender, Andy Howard, Cristopf Lazarski, Gerd Rosenbaum, Carlo Segre, Ivan Ivanov, Nadia Leyarovska

Description of MX internals

 Overlay of c MX_RECORD structure with "record.field" text access mechanism

 How to set up and execute a scan in either c or tcl by both brute force and using the record mechanism.

 Relationship between a scan and the motors used in it

 Building an MX application

 The laundry list of interface types, motor types, etc

 Relationships among the various layers


Possible Needs and Issues

 Database building tools

 Detailed API documentation

 Version Control

 How many servers on a beamline?

 Reconnection of client after server communications loss

 psudomotor to spawn child process or otherwise interact with an external process

User Interface Wish List

 Dropdown Combos for motors and devices in scan setup GUI

 Dynamic labels for records (devices, variables,)



Next Meeting -- about April 10, 2000

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